Everything matters. As believers, we must consider every aspect of our lives to be weighed and measured against the rule of Scripture. Whether it’s Facebook, clothes, pride, or missions, this blog strives to deal with everything from the traditionally mundane to the holy because, well, everything matters.

Roger Chen is a husband, a father, and the founding pastor of Grace Bay Area (www.gracebayarea.org), a new church plant in the San Francisco Bay Area that strives to Practice and Proclaim the Purity of Biblical Truth. Formerly a missionary in Eastern Europe, Roger moved back to his native Bay Area to plant this church.

Roger’s sermons can be heard here.


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  1. a Facebook friend recently shared your “How to Encourage Missionaries” and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting this in written word. As a missionary in a foreign land for the past 16 years you conveyed so deeply the sentiments my husband and I often feel. Having just returned from our (exhausting) furlough it was refreshing to read that we are not alone in these thoughts. Now I am off to read the rest of your posts…Once again, many thanks!

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