Greed is Good

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

The scene is a familiar one. You get a call from a headhunter offering you a better job with better pay. You think, you pray, you get excited…then the negotiations begin. As your boss and the courting company battle it out for your employment, you start to think about all you can buy with that extra cash.

Then the guilt hits. Am I being greedy? Am lacking faith in God’s provision? Am I falling into the trap of loving money?

These are all good questions to ask oneself so that your promotion falls in line with doing all to the glory of God. But, there’s another way to look at it. I recently found myself in an SMS conversation with a friend who was in this very situation. Here’s what I told him:

“Keep in mind that it’s only greedy if you plan to use the money yourself. Those of us in a position to make more money should because the more money we have, the more money we can give away.”

It’s wrong to be greedy, it’s good to be greedy for others. Okay, being “greedy for others” is not really a thing, but I think you get my point. The call to sacrifice for the Lord and follow Christ’s example of serving and considering others as more important than yourself (cf. Phil. 2:3-8; Matt. 20:26-28) absolutely includes your finances. So though you may make enough to meet your needs, why not try to make more so that you can give that extra away? Get out of the mindset that the money you make is yours because, in the end, our money is given to us by the Lord to handle faithfully as stewards of that which is not truly ours. So, if you can make more, why not do so to give more? If you are willing to work extra hours to buy that extra car or pay for that special holiday, shouldn’t you be willing to do the same to help others? Instead of turning down the extra work because you don’t need the money, think of others who do.

And if you aren’t in a position to make more money, the same principle applies but can be worded like this:  the more money you save, the more money you can give away. Turn off those extra lights, cut down your water bill, or buy something that’s not organic and give away the money you save.

After all, someone has to fund the missionaries, pro-life agenda, conservative candidates, and the church. Why not you? And then a little more.

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