Mother’s Day on the Lord’s Day



As we approach Mother’s Day, we come to a special day to take note of and honor the mothers in our lives. To varying degrees, churches nod to the special holiday that has become synonymous with breakfast in bed and hand scribbled cards made out of construction paper and leftover Easter stickers. It is also a time when my Facebook page is aflutter with blog posts reminding pastors that their pews are speckled with married women who are not mothers, who have lost children, who have had miscarriages and abortions and are otherwise struck with unintentioned embarrassment when mothers are asked to stand for recognition during worship services. I, for one, am thankful for the bold frankness of such women and for the technology that allows their concerns to be heard on a rapid and global scale.

Regardless of your opinion of this special day and how churches celebrate it, I’d like to share my 2 cents. Instead of focusing on mothers to the potential exclusion of others, why not make the focus of this Sunday the focus of every Sunday:  God. Don’t misunderstand me: I believe Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate my mom and my wife, the mothers in my life. In fact, sitting in my dining room is a vase full of overpriced flowers and a surprise gift in my drawer that shall remain unnamed (lest my #1 fan, my wife, read this post). But more important than celebrating the woman who raised me and the mother of my children, I want to make this day about God and praise Him for them. Whether you knew your mother or not, you were born into this world through one, and it was in God’s amazing plan that He created genders. Praise God for that. In His infinite wisdom, He created the beauty of childbirth through mothers as like begets like. Praise God for that. In His creative genius he made the family unit with different members fulfilling different roles and even growing into changing roles as we age thus providing us the social, emotional, and spiritual building blocks of the family unit and society. Praise God for that.

This Mother’s Day, rather than lifting up the mothers in your church why not lift up the Creator and praise Him through and for our mothers? After all, regardless of what day it is, in the end it’s all about Him.


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