What If?

What if your pastor treated you the way you treat him?

What if your pastor scrutinized your every word and visibly chuckled whenever you made a grammatical error or verbal slip?

What if  your pastor dozed off every time you spoke to him?

What if  your pastor got upset and blamed you whenever someone in your large extended family did anything remotely close to offending him?

What if  your pastor felt he was justified in being angry at you for passing along your boss’s messages?

What if your pastor made sure you got paid very little and expected you to be happy about it?

What if  your pastor expected you to make every idea he had a priority in your life and hounded you the moment he felt that it wasn’t so?

What if, after you had prepared all week for his visit,  your pastor decides not to come because he was up late Saturday night hanging out with friends?

What if your pastor expected your kids to never disobey?

What if your pastor demanded that you be perfect?

What if your pastor felt he had the right to make decisions about how you should decorate your office?

What if your pastor got angry because you didn’t say “Hi” to him at church or spent more time with someone else?

What if  your pastor wrote you a harsh email every time you said something he deemed offensive?

What if your pastor expected you to never be discouraged or need to be served?

What if your pastor never served you despite you giving your life to him?

What if, after all that, your pastor sincerely asked you why it’s so difficult being you?


One response to “What If?

  1. Awesome post. Being the wife of a pastor, I agonize over having to witness some of these happen to my husband. Hebrews concludes with exhortations we quickly defend: “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers.” Amen. “Remember those suffering for Christ.” Amen. “Marriage should be honored by all and the marriage bed kept pure.” Amen. “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with grief, for this would be unprofitable for you.” Sadly, silence. We have a rule at our house, if one child corrects the other’s conduct, that child no longer receives the discipline from the parent because the sibling overstepped his boundaries and handled the matter himself. This verse should remind those in the church that leaders will give an account to the Lord one day, WOW! No need to try and do it for God. Please, let your leaders serve joyfully.

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