How Dare You?

You’re stressing out all day about making sure your son gets a well-balanced diet.  Trips to the grocery store leading to frustration in finding that supposedly key ingredient combined with fear over the rise of food allergies and the stress of budget constraints connected to the high prices of organics.  Then comes the prep.  You slave away in the kitchen, making it just right because you want to make your special little guy happy.  You sigh a breath of relief as you put it on the table, bow your head in prayer, and your precious adorable son literally picks up the food, screams “Yuck” and throws it on your blouse.  Hours of anxiety and preparation decimated in 3 seconds.

“How…dare…you!!!”  It’s grammatically a question but comes out like an accusation.  There’s no appreciation for your hard work. No understanding of what went into that majestic meal.  Just selfish ingratitude that you’ve just about had enough of.

Thank God for His patience with US.

Ever complained that your cell phone is too slow?  Ever mumbled Christian swear words under  your breath while stuck in traffic?  Ever complained that a meal was too salty?

Ever complained about the ingratitude of sinners while you hung on a cross?  No?  Neither did He.

Like children, we focus on what we want and think we deserve because we have forgotten mercy.  We have forgotten that by our own hard, strategic, exhausting effort we have earned eternal hell and spiritual death.  Yes, you earned it.  Romans 6:23 says “the wages of sin is death.”

You have also forgotten grace.  Not only that salvation is a gift but every blessing, every taste, every breath, every gadget, and every modern convenience is something God has gifted you not because you earned it but because He did.

Somewhere along the road, the church has bought into the secular culture’s attitude of entitlement.  And when that sinful thinking comes to fruition in the minds and hearts of the children of God, there is something seriously wrong and repentance is  desperately needed.  Our desire for attention and personal satisfaction have trained us to quickly find the negative in even the most positive of things.  Complaints and negativity are grandfathered by pride and judgments.

Focus on that which comes from of God (Phil 4:8) and not your own sinful heart.  Because every time your complain, your Creator has every right to demand, “How dare you?”


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