Voting Falls Under “All”

If believers are to do “all to the glory of God” then the decision we make on November 6th is part of that “all.”

When you decide on which candidate you are voting for, is your decision biblically based and Kingdom motivated?  Regardless of whom you vote for, make sure you don’t compartmentalize your life when it comes to the presidential election.  In 2008, I heard very compelling biblical arguments from strong Christian friends on both sides of the debate.  But that’s the point:  their vote was based on their God-centered convictions.  They were not based on their emotions, personal experience, anger, economic status, or other issues the world tries desperately (often successfully) to make us value above Christ.

You may have biblical support for whom you are planning to vote for, but was that support an afterthought?  In other words, is your primary motivation based on Scripture, or is it based on secular reasons followed by tagging on Christian sounding reasoning because you feel obligated to so?  You wouldn’t accept that kind of thinking in any other aspect of your Christian life, so why is it acceptable here?

You have to make the right, informed, God-honoring, biblical decision.  I’m thankful for the separation of church and state but, for the believer, there is no separation between God and politics because, for the believer, there is no separation between God and anything.


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